Ignite Employee Engagement


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    Empower Individual Achievement. Enable Company Success.

    Companies reward their employees with holidays, benefits and perks. Milestones are celebrated and achievements are recognized. These rewards motivate employees to work hard, contribute and succeed. Unfortunately, these perks aren’t typically tied directly to performance measurements or peer-to-peer comparisons. This means that employee recognition is often untracked, missing clear opportunities to motivate employees to excel. Ignite provides a clear and intuitive system to document, track and measure employee rewards, in direct comparison to their performance. Ignite optimizes performance through tactical employee engagement. The result is team cohesion, motivation and connectivity that shapes a more social, proactive culture in which individual achievements contribute to the success of the entire organization.

    Ignite empowers employees at all levels to own the success of their specific responsibilities and growth within the company.

    • Expectation Setting

      Ignite helps managers craft programs and set benchmarks for their workforce that will deliver tangible ROI.

    • Personal Progress Tracking

      Ignite enables employees to track their progress towards goals and rewards.

    • Rewards and Incentives

      Ignite uses a points system to reward employees for reaching goals with purchasing power for tangible goods and services.

    • Human Potential Engagement

      Ignite empowers employees to realize their inherent potential, manage their personal success and positively impact the company.

    Ignite integrates with current business processes, and creates transparent paths to success at every level of the organization.

    • Real-Time Reporting

      Ignite tracks and reports program progress data in real-time.

    • Open Communication

      Ignite creates two-way communication and teamwork both up and down the chain of command through open task lists, news feeds, messaging functions and progress tracking tools.

    • Visual Engagement

      Ignite organizes performance stats, company reward programs and interpersonal dialogue into a visible, interactive experience.

    • Knowledge Capture

      Ignite captures the knowledge of an organization’s great employees to be stored, shared and improved upon independent of their tenure.

    Ignite collects, organizes and displays data about individual and collective performance against stated program objectives.

    • Individualized Performance Data

      Ignite provides employees with insight about their specific behaviors and performance against personal and company-determined program goals.

    • Collective Performance Data

      Ignite provides managers with insight about how the performance of the entire team drives the overall performance of the organization.

    • Internal Benchmarking

      Ignite enables administrators to set desired benchmarks and key performance indicators, and support the team’s efforts to reach them.

    • Trend Tracking

      Ignite allows administrators to track performance trends against their KPIs over time at every level of the organization.